License # AB3304/AU4505

Mission Statement

With years of experience in buying and selling estate items we are expanding our internet business, which maintained a top rated performance and 100% buyer satisfaction,  to a local and live setting.  Our goal is to provide honest,  compassionate,  and understanding estate liquidation services,  while keeping the customer’s needs a priority.  Whether it is one item,  or an entire estate,  we will use our expertise in estate items to properly identify the items at auction to bring the fair market value for the buyer and seller.

License # AB3304/AU4505

One thought on “Mission Statement

  1. Keith and his amazing company handled my estate sale and auction of my parent’s home and they did an outstanding job! It was an overwhelming task, with tight time constraints, that others refused to even consider. They were patient, understanding and considerate of my feelings, as well as knowledgeable, highly experienced and hard working. The task in and of itself was huge, but to make matters worse the air conditioning went out and they worked non-stop in 90+ degrees to get this sale to happen. The name of the company TRULY explains how they roll….they go ABOVE AND BEYOND every step of the way. Not only did he help me find a quick fix for the air conditioning, but his right-hand man, Dean, jumped in and fixed a broken pipe and a faucet problem that popped up in the middle of us trying to get this sale accomplished! I have no idea how I could possibly been able to get the house cleared and the items sold without these wonderful, experienced and HONEST people. God Bless All of You. Treva

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